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  RRebecca was led to her yoga practice in 2002 after her arduous discipline as an amateur boxer. Although she had deeply spiritual experiences throughout her training, she is grateful that her intuitive heart guided her towards a softer expression of Self and connection with the Divine. The teachings moved her in such a way that her life has since been inspired by the science of Yoga. Recognizing a calling from deep within, she attended her first training in Sedona, Arizona at 7 Centers Yoga Arts. Then, while owning, operating and teaching at The Yoga Hut in San Diego, Ca., she met the teacher with whom she would spend the last 6 years studying, one of Yoga's most beloved Masters, Sri Dharma Mittra. She moved to New York and had the humbling opportunities to travel with him and assist in workshops, conferences and teacher trainings. On staff since 2007, Rebecca assisted Dharmas Life of a Yogi Teacher Trainings in New York, Colombia, Israel, San Francisco and at Kripalu. She has hosted workshops in New York, LA, Paris, the French Riviera and Barcelona. She is currently on staff with Avalon Teacher Training in San Jose, CA.
A massage therapist of 16 years, Rebecca's understanding of the body lends her teaching and movements a precision that clearing defines asana - both physically and spiritually. Her classes are enriched by Classical Hatha Raja techniques imparted directly from Sri Dharma Mittra and approached with a light heart, humility and humor. Rebecca helps practitioners build a foundation of faith, surrender, acceptance, playfulness, non-attachment and love that leads the heart to awakening. It is from this sacred space that all beings may be happy and free. She is dedicated to the service of healing arts and finds great joy in sharing all that she has received. You can now find Rebecca strolling the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, paddling out on her new floating yoga mat and pretty much on any dance floor. The Realized Self that connects with the pure, limitless potential lying deep within the hearts of all beings becomes free to move, express and create the life born of dreams. Illuminate that true and Highest Self. The way is within.

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