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Ashley Ludman is an international Yoga teacher educator, healer, and business coach.  Graduating magna cum laude in 1995 with a degree in occupational therapy, she began her professional life specializing in pediatric and adult traumatic brain injury.  By 1999, Ashley was immersed in a yoga practice that helped her understand the healing power of working preventively with her students and clients.  In 2001, she made the leap from the world of medicine to the practice of alternative wellness, and opened Seaside Yoga in 2002.  This studio housed a thriving community, where Ashley developed her unique teaching approach and supported a larger community of teachers, students and support staff for 8 years.  In that time, she facilitated Yoga Teacher Training programs regionally and nationally, mentored many new teachers, and sustained a full private practice of Yoga therapy, while returning to graduate school in clinical counseling.  A leader in her local community, she offered SEVA (service) through her yoga practice to underserved populations, teaching weekly to children, teens and their grandparents in the Grandparents Support Network. 

After 8 years of successful business and growth, Ashley closed the studio, sold her house and began living in Central America, splitting time between the Pacific coasts (Nosara) and the cloud forests (Monteverde) of Costa Rica and the Mayan Highlands (Lake Atitlan) of Guatemala, where she offers 21 day Yoga Teacher Training immersions.

Ashley has been guided by many teachers, healers and shamans on her personal journey to healing and transformation.  Known for her witty and down-to-earth storytelling practices, she is completing her memoir chronicling a journey of physical and spiritual transformation in the upcoming work, F*** You... Namaste.  She is a contributing author to the newly released book, The Vital Psoas Muscle: Connecting Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being by JoAnn Staugaard-Jones.

Ashley's teaching and guidance is now available virtually, through the Yoga Prosperity Program (, where she is the program director and team leader to a dynamic group of Yoga professionals.  Their vision is to support the global Yoga community to redefine the concept of prosperity while living lives of unlimited potential.

Every practice Ashley guides is a journey, as she blends her deep wisdom of anatomy, alignment and energetics with a love of storytelling as a window into the body’s potential for transformation. Her students call her grounded and accessible with an ability to bring her experience of life, yoga and healing practice to her teaching in a way that will inspire you to see new possibilities within yourself and the world around you.  

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